Just because Tumblr is no longer a fun and simple option to post artworks doesn’t mean you’ll have to miss out!
Here you can find my stuff.

> Twitter

You can find my artworks on my Twitter. Just not as much rambling there.
The DMs are open for all, so you can come say hello just like you could do on Tumblr. Uwu

> FurAffinity

My oldest and biggest gallery is found on FA.
There are a lot of artworks there that didn’t make it onto Tumblr or Twitter for a variety of reasons, too. You can also find my usual Todex-rambling for each artwork post here, too. ;D

> My Patreon

Well, this is how the creation of my works is supported these days! If you found my stuff enjoyable, maybe check Patreon and become my pimp. Imean supporter >O>

> Todexart.download

Here I post the extra versions for each artwork, which were locked to be Patreon-supporter exclusives for 1 year after their creation. I’m usually updating this every 2 months.

Other Places

I do post my Rule34 related pics on Paheal, but I don’t often check the comments there.

You can also find some of my things on e621 of course, though I don’t maintain those posts myself there.

I’ve also got accounts on Weasyl and Sofurry, but they are currently not maintained (and haven’t been used in years). There’s no need to follow me there at the moment. :p

The Future

Once there is a worthy Tumblr successor, you’ll find me there too. I’ll keep you updated about that, but as of now, there is no alternative ready. We’ll have to see how 2019 or 2020 develop, hm?

I made this lil’ static website so that any links that pointed to my Tumblr posts will not put you at a risk of running into malware.